R.A.B. (Remember Alex Brown)

Sunday nights are busy T.V. nights at my house. Starting at 7 PM until 10 PM you will find me on my couch tuning in to the ABC channel (if I am not home, these shows are set to record for me to watch at a later date haha). The 7 o'clock show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, is the one I will be talking about in this post.

For those of you who do not know, Extreme Makeover began years ago. On this show people would write in and tell their story of why they may deserve or need a personal makeover. Then the show would chose a certain person in need of that makeover and perform any necessary procedures in order to achieve the look that they wanted. From Extreme Makeover, ABC branched out and began Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This show has the same basic outlook: a family writes in, they explain and show why they are in need of a new home. The stories begin telling about the family as a whole, then it leads in to telling what is so special about that certain family (some families help spread a vital message to others, some help others in need, etc.). These families do these things all while their home itself is suffering because they can not afford and do not have the resources to fix whatever problems they are facing. Most of these stories are very bittersweet, from learning about the everyday struggles of a family to seeing them come home to a brand new house that will help better them forever. However, the story this week was not only bittersweet but very sad and it touched my heart greatly.

This week the show was a two hour special. Here is the first episode and here is the second episode for everyone of you to check out too. I warn you...get the tissues ready!
This show was about the Brown family and their 17 year old daughter who was in a fatal car accident over a year ago. Their daughter, Alex Brown, was on her way to school when she ran off of the road and flipped her truck--all while texting. Since the accident Alex's parents and sister have been traveling to Texas high schools in order to deliver Alex's devastating story of texting while driving. Along with presenting the actual truck that Alex wrecked in, they ask each and every person there to spread this message and to take the pledge not to text and drive. While the Browns are out spreading their message, their home takes the hit of neglect. The Extreme Home team come in and completely rebuild this family a new home. This in turn will allow them to focus even more on spreading Alex's message and not have to worry about the problems of a diminishing home. Although the Brown family was very deserving of this home, what touched me the most was the message that the family is constantly spreading.

I know people that have been in car wrecks because of texting and driving. I can only thank God that they were not seriously injured and although they were not the ones doing the texting, it was texting that caused the wreck to begin with. I have always told myself "I know what I am doing. I am a good driver and I can pay attention to the road while texting at the same time. I wont wreck, it wont happen to me." I have done this alone, with my own little brothers in the car, my parents, my friends. You name it. It wasn't an issue to me...at least I didn't think it was. After watching this show and seeing the devastation and impact that it can have, I have decided to put down the phone. I do not text and drive anymore, and I have even taken the Alex Brown Pledge to not text and drive. Ty with the home makeover team promoted a new way of reminding us not to text and drive. This was with the invention of the Alex Brown "thumb ring". Each time we look down to text, this ring will remind us what is more important and that is not texting, it is keeping your focus on the road and driving at that very moment.

                                            I will be ordering my ring very soon!! :)

Here is my pledge. If you would like to make a pledge of your own, read more about Alex and this foundation or share your story-visit the R.A.B. Website.

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